Monday, November 23, 2015

Birthday Class With Wendy Addison

We had a special treat of having the amazing Wendy Addison teach a private class for my sisters, Lana and Diana's birthday this past weekend! Not only were we honored with her teaching, but we actually got to hold the class in her own studio - what a memorable day it was!

Below are a bunch of pictures of our wonderful day!
The gang.
Wendy's studio, Theater of Dreams, in Port Costa.
The bday girls.
Having coffee and tea in the morning in Wendy's lovely studio.
My sisters, Pat and Maryl.
Wendy telling us the story of how she came up with the Theater of Dreams.
Amazing angel puppet that dances to music.
Time to open gifts.
Necklace I made Lana for her bday.
Celebrating with champagne.
It was great to have Lana's husband, Steve, join us.
Wendy and her daughter, Monica.
Monica catered a delicious lunch for us!
We had a wonderful cake.
Wendy teaching us how to use her vintage letter press.
Selecting book covers from Wendy's vintage paper collection.
Making sure we don't catch our fingers in the letter press.
We handmade books with vintage papers and use the letter press for printing.
Steve, helping me set my press.
The book I made and the tags I pressed.
Pat, Wendy, Steve & Diana
Lana, Ulla, Bethany, and Vivian
My sister Maryl standing in front of hotel (build 1883) across from the studio.
Peak inside Wendy's studio.
What a treat it was to have a class with Wendy in her studio! Happy Birthday to my sister's Lana and Diana...another great bday celebration!


  1. You captured our sisters' birthday workshop beautifully in your blog - what a fun day it was!

  2. Your photos reminded me again what an amazing day we had at Wendy's
    Studio from the moment I walked into to not wanting to leave at the end of the day. I loved learning the art of letter pressing and seeing how our
    finished layout came out and making our journal covers using Wendy's
    vintage supplies. Thank you Wendy and Lana for making it all possible and to everyone who helped in our bd celebration. Thanks Connie for the great pics.

  3. Connie you are so blessed to have such a colorful group of sisters. I always look forward to your birthdays to see what class you will come up with for each celebration. It looks like you all had another fun-filled day together. My best gifts are the days I share with my sisters.

  4. Wow that looks like such fun and oh wow Wendy's studio is stunning..
    Truly a fabulous group of amazing creative ladies,really enjoyed seeing the party photos.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday Beautiful Lana.
    Best wishes.xoxox