Monday, November 2, 2015

Love Shutterfly - Using My Own Artwork

I've been using Shutterfly to turn my photos into hard cover albums. It's so easy and fun to make and they always turn out great! I guess i'm such a good customer, I often get promotions for free products. Well, I decided instead of using one of my photos on their products, I'd use some of my Paige dolls images I've scanned.
I've made an assortment of items: reusable nylon bags, spiral bound notebooks and a note cool is that!
Here's some close up shots of the actual original image and the end product.
I started with these great reusable nylon bags. The retail price for each bag is $15, not cheap, but I was offered a free promo bag, so I only had to pay for shipping! I love using them too!

Then next, I was offered a promo of $20 of free merchandise, so I ordered these spiral bound notebooks.
The retail price for the larger notebook is $10 (9"x11") and the smaller version is $15 (5"x8"), but I only had to pay a few dollars for each of them.  How cool is that to have a personalized notebook with your own artwork!

Then my most recent purchase was a note pad. I scanned a page from my Roben Marie Smith journal and created this cute little notepad.
The retail price for this notepad (5" x 6.5") is $15, but I only had to pay for shipping and handling. The paper quality is great, I was very pleased.

So, next time you create a piece of art, don't forget to scan it and think about using it on another medium. Also, sign up for Shutterfly emails, their promotions are great!

Fine print: this post is not sponsored by Shutterfly. :-) If I can find a cheaper source, I'd be happy to sell some of these items, I don't think you want to pay retail plus my expense...but if you do, message me.

Have a great week! 


  1. What a fabulous idea. The white tote bags are adorable with your Paige doll
    image and the notebooks from the Roben Marie Smith journal page are
    so cool. Your layering and composition is wonderful.

  2. great minds Connie......I to use Shutterfly for many many things and only pay the shipping...They constantly offer deals....I have purchased the nylon bags with my paper purse art and many other items love them....Your creatios are wonderful of course....xoxo Laura H :)

  3. Thanks for your comment Laura. Shutterfly is great, I know, I've just started using it this past year! Please send me a photo of your nylon bag, I'd love to see it. I look forward to experimenting more with some of their other products.


    1. I will take a photo and send via email.....I just love them! I take advantage of almost every offer :)

  4. Those all came out so cute! I need to check out Shutterfly.