Sunday, November 15, 2015

Made My Own Midori Notebook

If you're into planners, you've probably heard of the Midori Traveler's notebook. Traditionally, the midori notebook has a leather cover and is long and narrow in size. The unique feature of a midori notebook is that the inserts are customizable  and can be changed easily.

Below is the midori style notebook that I made. My cover is made out of  heavy fabric. The notebook closure is made from a piece of elastic, with a few charms added. My notebook measures 6" x 8".
Inside I made three signatures. As you can see, I made them the same style as the journal I made in Roben Marie Smith's class I took in October. You can see more photos of that journal in my Oct 12th blog post
Making smaller size pages made these much quicker to put together. Below are pictures of all the pages.
 These are just the background base designs.
 I'll be painting and stenciling over each page like I did in my RMS journal.
I enjoyed working on the RMS journal so much that once I completed it last week, I didn't know what else to work on. So I decided to make this one, but just smaller in size.
The advantage I'm going to have with this midori style notebook is that I'll be able to easily remove the pages and scan them for future use. Afterwards, I can always substitute other inserts.
The signatures are held in place with elastic. You simply slide them in and out - no sewing or binding required.
I can't wait to start working on painting each page!

As I mentioned earlier, I've since completed my RMS journal. Below are the completed pages I hadn't shown before.
Someday, I hope to shoot a video that will flip though my entire RMS journal. I'm also thinking of teaching how to make the midori notebook and my black and white scribbles that I use throughout the book, message me if you're interested.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing your idea of using the Midori traveling notebook for
    your artwork journal. Your finished journal pages are one of my favorite
    things you've done - each page is fantastic….love your colors and each
    is so different from the next. Nice job of layering with an interesting focal

  2. wow.. you've done a lot in 2 weeks.. love the midair journal and would be interested in taking a class...

    great art, connie

    lana cano kloch

  3. I like the idea of using the elastic to slide the pages out for copying. I might try that.