Sunday, March 25, 2018

Paige Girl Greeting Cards

In my attempt to find new things to do with my Paige paper dolls, I decided to make greeting cards with them.
I hand drew some frames on 5.5" x 8.5" mixed media paper.
Then I glued some of my paper dolls on top.
Next I scanned each one and reduced them in size to be 4"x5". Finally, I printed some greetings and hand drew some flags around them. This way you can personalize your cards for any occasion.
The cards will be printed without the greeting. Then you can cut out your own greeting you want to use and glue it on the card yourself.
Another project you can make with these cards are mini journals.
 Gather up some miscellaneous junk papers and fold them in half.
Put the junk papers inside the card and trim around the sides or you can make them different sizes, which would add more interest too.
With all the junk papers stacked inside the card, use a stapler and staple the pages to the card down the middle seam.
 Pictured above is the inside center of the mini journal.
And now you can have 14 mini journal books to make as well.

I'm planing to sell the set of 14 different Paige doll cards with a sheet of greetings and envelopes for $24  + shipping. If you buy 2 sets, you'll get a free roll of my Paige doll washi tape (while supplies last).
If you're interested in a set, email me at


  1. These are all lovely...what cute dolls!

  2. Fabulous idea putting the Paige dolls on your hand drawn frames.
    It's perfect for greeting cards, especially when you can add your own
    saying. I love the variety of frames you used, especially like the ones that look like it's being hung. It really enhances your dolls.