Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cabi Party & Bday Dinner

It's been a long day...can't believe I'm posting tonight. I started off with my morning run at 7:30am - got in 9,800 steps by 8:30am - nice! Now I can eat today and not feel so guilty. Then I was off picking up Frances at 10:00am and we were off to Fremont - first stop Daiso - great Japanese $ store. We only had 30 min before we had to be at Maryl's house. Rachel is getting into making cute little bento boxes - so I had to pick up all the bento supplies - she can't wait to assemble - I'll definitely post once we get some samples made up.

We got to Maryl's by 11:45 to help her with the Cabi party. It was lots of fun - the house looked great - the food was yummy - and unfortunately, I found too many items I couldn't live without.

Then for the evening - we helped celebrate Fran & Ron's kids's bday (Brian & Jason) - by going out to a delicious dinner at Italian Colors. It was so much fun seeing Lennon play with the adorable.


  1. Lennon's so cute!

    (")_(") Rachel

  2. Cool items you bot @ Daiso - what a great store! I love the pics you took of my house...and I'm glad you found some Cabi pieces you liked! Also, thanks for your help and for making the fantastic potato salad!