Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tahoe Weekend

This weekend we went to North Lake Tahoe for (probably) our last ski trip of the season. The weather was nice - a bit cold - but clear blue skies. We skied Saturday and Sunday at Northstar. The resort was not very crowded and the kids did great at skiing. Here a picture of the Northstar Village - it's really fun just to hang out there. The middle area is now a roller blade rink - it was just a ice skating rink during the winter.

Up on one of the ski lifts there's a couple of trees where people have thrown some mardi-gras neclaces. It's so cool!

This is the cart...we are so happy when we can find an available cart to hold all our gear so we don't have to carry it to the car. We've got it loaded with our skies and boots. We found one both days and boy were we happy!

Here's us at the end of the day...relaxing and hanging out.

The kids love the sweet belguim waffles.


  1. How fun! I haven't been to Tahoe in years. When I see or hear about it it makes me want to go back. Maybe I'll plan a camping trip there for the family this summer.

  2. Nice pics...looks like you had a great time!