Sunday, March 14, 2010

Play Date with Sisters & CGS

Today, was a fun day of Artful Play & a little shopping...Lana, Frances, Maryl & CGS came over for a play date - the theme - Shrink Plastic. Well, first we had to start the day at Craft Depot - we all found some goodness - that was fun. Here's the items I bought.

Then we had to stop at Bake Sale Betty for the chicken sandwich and some sweet goodies. Next we were off to Urban Orr in Berkeley, so Maryl could pick up some old children wooden chairs.
Back at the house, we were off making our shrink plastic art...slow start, but once we got going, we couldn't stop...and here's the effort of our creative work.

While we were all busy making shrink art, Rachel was busy making softies. Here's what she made today...


  1. i love the pic you captured of the sHRiNk
    ~all done by each of us.
    and... where was i when rachel made a mayo softie?
    :D too funny!
    thank you and happy Spring xo c

  2. Hi Connie, I have met you a few times at classes at Lisa Super's home studio. I just love all your projects! I was hoping you could please give me the address to Craft Depot. When I Google it I only get the L.A. store. You can email me at:
    Thank You! Valerie

  3. That was a lot of fun making the shrinky dinks...and they came out so adorable! I love Rachel's softies (especially the squirrel, or is it a raccoon?). Whatever it is, it's so adorable!