Sunday, November 21, 2010

Catherine Moore Themed - Christmas Card Exchange

As some of you know, I make my Christmas cards every year and try to do something special.  I've started working on them and decided to make a few extra to trade.  I'm using one of the Catherine Moore stamps ( which I always love and thought it would be fun to trade one of your handmade Christmas cards - also using a Catherine Moore stamp.  I have about 5 extras and if you are interested in trading, send me an email. First come first trade!  If you've received a Christmas card from me already in the past, no worries, you're on my list.

Periodically, I'll show you bits and pieces of my card.  Once I send them out, I'll post my finished card.  Here's the start of my xmas card.  I used the Tim Holtz stamp, Royal Script, on a paper bag.

I'm also working on the Junk Drawer Advent Calendar from Paula Cheney.  Paula is on the 7-Gypsies design team (  and she came up with a great advent calendar a year ago.  I bought a starter kit on etsy and didn't work on it until this year.  I won't have all 25 tags done by Dec. 1st, but that's okay - it'll be fun to work on during the month of December.  Here are my first two tags.  I still need to hang a eiffle tower charm at the bottom of the beads, under the glittered star.

Rachel has been busy making her felties again.  I haven't posted her creations in awhile, but she's made these all in the past week.  From the top going clockwise: fox, squid, rabbit, panda, popsicle, lamb & in center mouse.


  1. What a great idea to exchange Xmas cards...hope you get some great ones. Can't wait to see your finished advent calendar and know it will be spectacular. Wow, Rachel's felties are super cute and really look professionally made and can't decide which one I like best, but if I had to choose, I pick the lamb, rabbit, panda, and mouse (see I couldn't just pick one!). F

  2. I'm sure your Xmas card is going to look great! Love the start of your advent calendar. It will look awesome! How I love the Xmas Season! Rachel's felties are the best! What a talent!