Monday, November 8, 2010

Lisa Guerin Birthday Class For My 2 Sisters

This Sunday we celebrated two of my sister’s birthdays with a private class from Lisa Guerin held at my sister Lana's house. Lisa is from San Clemente and is often seen in the Stampington magazines for her fabulous work. We were thrilled to be able to take a class from her.

We all had a great time creating, eating, laughing and catching up. We had several projects planned for the day, but we got so carried away with the first project, that we didn’t have time to work on the others. Plus we had to take time out for eating and opening gifts. The good part is we get to work on the other projects at home - Lisa left us with kits to do an Alice in Wonderland Theatre and a cute yard stick project, so I'll be making those shortly – I can hardly wait!

We alI loved our finished project. What an enjoyable day to stay in-doors (since it rained all day) with my 5 sisters and Lisa. Thanks Lana for hosting! Your home was the perfect venue for our celebration.
I also wanted to share the items I made for the birthday girls.  I made three necklaces, two of which are copied from Antropologie (the left and right one) and one vintage piece (center) I made up.
These are the bday cards I made my sisters. They're a little more like mini pictures than cards I suppose.



  1. What a fun, art-filled day! Who would have thought that out of all that chaos, we could create such terrific art pieces!

  2. Having Fun means getting messy, right? ;-)
    I just unpacked my mess from the car....
    now it's in my garage and moving inside!!
    I had so much fun with you sisters!
    Think Good Thoughts
    Lisa Guerin

  3. Thanks Lisa and Lana for a great day. Thoroughly enjoyed entire day from beginning to end w/lots of delicious foods prepared by everyone, and most of all, the talented and generous Lisa teaching us her craft with humor and thoughtfulness (giving personal attention whenever needed). Thanks C for again posting such great pics and comments. F

  4. Looks like great fun, love the projects. I also adore the necklaces. Those little books are just the Bee's Knees Connie!

  5. Oh My Goodness! This was the perfect storm of wildly creative women getting together for a little birthday fun in Lana's fabulous studio. I wish I could have been there it looked like you all had the best time. And, that Lisa Guerin is really something, isn't she. Those petite theatres are just too wonderful for words. Thanks for sharing your pics. Happy Birthday Lana, wishing you many many more to come. XoXo

  6. Wow what a truly magical day and Lisa is just such a treasure !! What a fabulous birthday shared and I love seeing everything.
    Happy Birthday Lana,truly a special day..