Saturday, November 27, 2010

More Advent Calendar & Xmas Cards Progress

Hi there! Yesterday we celebrated my side of the family's Thanksgiving holiday at my nephew's house, Brian with his wife Kacia. They hosted for 20+ people. What a wonderful dinner we had, playing with the kids, dogs, and eating yummy food. 
Today, Rachel & I went out to hit the Black Friday weekend sale. We went to Joann's & Borders. I love the Jill Schwartz Vintage Groove charms. Here's what I picked up today. I can't wait to put together a necklace with these items!
I also made three more tags for my advent calendar. It's coming along, only 17 more tags to make.
And here's a little bit more of my xmas card pieces. I picked up these tags about a year ago from My Daughter's Wish, a scrapbook store in Pleasant Hill. They've since closed, but I never used these tags until this year. I'm also using some buttons on my xmas card, you'll see how soon.
Tonight I brought up about seven boxes of xmas decorations from my rumpus room downstairs, getting the house ready for Christmas. So much to do, so little time!
Rachel has also been busy with her latest art media, polymer clay. She's been making dessert and food items. Tomorrow I'll post her wonderful creations.


  1. I really LOVE your advent calendar tags! that a kit or are you just making those up as you go along? The Jill Schwartz charms are pretty neat, too.

  2. The advent calendar is a kit I bought on etsy last year from Paula. I purchased a starter kit, so it didn't come with everything, so i'm improvising too.

  3. Thanks! That is TOO cute!