Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday!  I've been baking all morning and have just finished 5 desserts for tonight's dinner at my brother in-law's house.  First up is the traditional pumpkin pie:
Then comes the macadamia nut banana cream pie. However, I haven't put the top cream on yet. That comes right before I serve it.
3rd is an apple tart.
The kids helped me make the snickerdoodles - Chris's favorite cookie.
Then, of course, I made chocolate chip cookies, my favorite.
I also wanted to share a few crafty things.  Here's my pins for the advent calendar.  Using the Martha Stewart circle punch on different papers and stamps.
 Here are 3 more tags for the advent calendar.
 Last night I put together a few collage cards to use on some future project.  I wanted to use my new stamp, tart girl.  She's the pink one with the teapot crown on her head. 
And finally, a peek at my xmas card in paper bag got a roof.
Once again have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.


  1. My've been busy! Everything looks soooo good! I love how your advent calendar and Xmas card is progressing. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Your desserts were fabulous and the kids did a great job with the cookies. Love your new advent tags and cards. F