Saturday, June 4, 2011

Molding/Casting Workshop

Saturday, I held my second molding/casting workshop. I had so much fun creating with everyone - I didn't feel like I was teaching at all, it was just like a large playdate!  I was right there with everyone making molds and castings. I enjoyed getting to know Colleen, Tricia and Debbie. I had a great time! Maryl, thanks for coming early and helping me set up. Frances, thanks for the yummy coffee cake.
Baking our castings in the oven.
Everyone made some great molds and projects. Another great group of artists I enjoyed working with!


  1. Thx for a fun class today learning your great molding technique & loved your delicious oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies. Enjoyed everyone's company, thoughtfulness in sharing what they brought & amazed at how great each mold came out. Looking forward to your next class! F

  2. Connie, you did a great job of teaching! I love how everyone's molds came out. What a fun day and I look forward to your next class (ha, ha - no pressure!).

  3. Loved the class, and your teaching all the tricks. Thanks so much, I hope you have more classes...Thanks again
    Debbie Addie

  4. looks like another successful class, the completed pieces.

  5. Sign me up for the next class! Dee