Friday, June 17, 2011

Re-Upholstered Doll Furniture

The other week I bought an old doll chair for $3.00 at Craft Depot. Connie Stuart suggested I should re-upholster it and I was up for the challenge. I pulled off the red cushions...

 Then I took some neutral color fabric and ironed on a Paris image.
Then I glued it on the chair and I was done! An updated chair, just like that.  Okay, so maybe it took me about 3 hours to really remove and sand down the old glue, cut the fabric and glue back on the cushions, but it was a day project and it wasn't very difficult.
I read that the Avery Fabric Transfer paper works the best and that's what I used for the chair. As I was looking for images for the chair, I also bought other images to use for other projects. I had fun enlarging the images and printing them out. I made that necklace on the chair from one of those images printed on burlap and embellished with a rhinestone pin, tulle, pearls and ribbon. More to come on image transfers, this was fun!
I bought the images from these sites:;;  Only $1 each too! The one thing to remember is that before you print any text, you MUST flip the image, so that the text irons right side up. I printed some of the images on inkjet printable fabric too, to be used for some future project. I'm going to work on that picture frame this weekend. I love that large script font.


  1. Your refurbished chair was definitely worth all the work involved...just beautiful as is your unique necklace. F

  2. Love how you totally changed the look of the chair...and your necklace is adorable!

  3. the transformation on the beautifully framed french chair is remarkable. it looks even better in person..omg!

    thanks for sharing the instructions on both items. i can't wait to try this technique out...

  4. OMG! i just bought a few vintage minature chairs to also re-upholster! you have inspired me!