Sunday, June 19, 2011

Unfinished Wooden Frame Transformed

Last week, Michael's craft store was selling unfinished wooden frames: 3 for $2. My daughter bought a couple to decorate with her clay projects and I bought a square one (7 3/4" x 7 3/4") to use for my art.
I painted the edges of the frame with black acrylic paint. This week, I purchased this script image ( from etsy and enlarged it. I printed the script font on kraft paper and covered my wooden frame. I like this frame because the center is sunken a bit, so you have a shallow shadow box. I added bits and pieces from my stash.

Yesterday, I went to the Addison EndPaper sale. I know I just went last weekend, but they advertised a blow-out sale to clear out some of their backroom inventory. So, needless to say, I have more great vintage finds to add to my collection.
To celebrate Father's Day, my husband always wants me to make strawberry cream cheese cake. I got the recipe from America's Test Kitchen (  I made it few times before, but this time I rushed a step. When whipping the egg whites for the cake batter, I knew I had a bit of egg yolk in there.  That's definitely a no-no and my whites never did get to the stiff stage, but I made the cake anyhow.  The cake didn't rise enough to make three layers, so I thought, no biggie, I just have a two layer cake now. This is how it turned out.
It still looked good and my husband said it tasted good, but the cake part was very dense. Shoot, I should have re-done the egg whites when I knew it didn't get stiff. It bugged me all night, so I knew today I had to remake the cake part, dissemble the cake and put it back together again. Here's the new and improved cake, made into a trifle-type dessert. The cake part is 100% better and now it's really 3 layers!

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  1. wow! your altered framed came out so nicely. i never tire of the use of the china doll head motif.. love the altered domino and the hanging bell/ creative.

    what a wonderful haul @ the addisons! i know you already have ideas for alot of your finds! thanks again for sharing.

    omg! u remade the cake! it does look better and glad it tastes better, too. all that sleeplessness and frustration bears fruit..