Thursday, June 23, 2011

Published in Somerset Life

It's on the newstands, the July issue of Somerset Life and I have a 4-page article!
It's a bracelet I made for my sister Maryl's birthday this past January. I actually made her two bracelets and let her pick one.  Unfortunately, she picked the other bracelet, that didn't get published...too bad sis.
I stopped by Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley today and needless to say, picked up some new items...stamps, embellishments, jewelry findings, embossing plates etc.
I'm really interested in metal etching after reading some articles in Belle Armoire Jewelry. Today I found a local jewelry supply warehouse within 10 minutes of my house and it's open to the public. The store is called Otto Frei; here's their web site: I was looking for copper and brass sheeting and this is what I bought.
Stay tuned for some metal etching this weekend.

I also wanted to share what my daughter did these past few days.  In my previous post, I mentioned how we bought these wooden frames from Michael's.  Here's how my daughter decorated her frames.

It's a Japanese craft called deco-den.  You take some hardware store silicone and add embellishments usually called cabochons.  My daughter made all the embellishments on these items. Any flat surface around our house is now subject to being deco-denned!


  1. Congrats on being published again!! I can't wait to get to Barnes and Noble.
    Also, I will be checking to see what wonderful creation you make with your
    metal sheeting. Have fun! Tricia

  2. Wow! You did it again...congratulations on your article, even though they didn't showcase the bracelet I chose...oh well. I love how Rachel decorated the frames...looks just like whipped cream...amazing! Talent sure doesn't fall far from the tree (I think that's how the saying goes, but you know what I mean).

  3. OH My!! congratulations on your beautiful spread in Somerset!!!
    AND I added "hardware store silicon" to my shopping list!!!!!
    Youa nd your daughter are such inspirations!
    xoxo, Diana

  4. Connie
    What a beautiful spread in Somerset Life!!! Congrats!!~~~~ It is my fav magazine along with Somerset Home...I love the featured bracelet and I remember the one Maryl selected as a Birthday gift,it was beautiful also....
    Every time you show Scrapbook T purchases makes me want to get in the car and go~~~~
    Happy Summer~~

    Laura H :)

  5. class is gonna be fun!

    I was happy to know your bracelet would be featured.
    It was sillygood seeing Maryl flip for it.
    (Beauty of a cover too!)

    GO rachel gO! xo luv, connie

  6. so glad to see both articles. can't wait for you to see stampington's create with me... pictures do not doit justice..
    your work looks even better, if possible, in person..

    it is intoxicating being around you and rachel! thanks again for sharing

  7. Congrats on another great article on one of your creations. I love Rachel's decorated frame and embellishments, so original and unique.

  8. YIPPEE, I love all your work....Congratulations
    Debbie Addie