Saturday, July 30, 2011

Attended Tim Holtz Class

Today my sister, Maryl and I attended a Tim Holtz class. It was taught at Scrapbook Island in San's a great store!
They gave all the students leis to wear.
The project we made was called, Creative Blocks. It was a fun project - we learned lots of new techniques.
 The class was really large, about 70 people, but it was very well organized and comfortable.
I was happy to see a few people I knew: Daniela and Nicky from Scrapbook Territory and not pictured, Ingrid.
The project used three mini canvases on one larger one. No scissors were used today!
Work in progress.
My finished project
Maryl's project

What a fun day, Tim is a great teacher, I can't wait to take another class from him.


  1. Love your blocks! How fun to take a class from Tim Holtz! Sign me up for the next one. See you soon. Tricia

  2. love what you and maryl completed...i love the 3 dimensional canvas look and what you 2 did to them. so impressive.

    having taken several of tim holtz classes...i know how wonderful he is as a teacher and as a friend. he also offers cruises.

  3. I love your project Connie! Looks like a fun time was had by all!