Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last Vacation Pics

We're back home tonight after a wonderful vacation in Hawaii. I just wanted to share a few more great moments we had. My son, Christoper, will be a Junior next year, so thinking about college is around the corner. We decided to take a tour of Hawaii University while we were there.
Nice tennis courts.

The University was really nice, much larger than I had expected.

Then, I was lucky enough to be in Hawaii when they were having their Hawaii All-Collector's Show. Thanks to my sister Lana for letting me know. It was a show for all sorts of things: toys, coins, vintage items, Hawaiian items, you name it, it was there. It was fun to check it out.
 My favorite booth was Vintage Rose. They sold items from Lilla Le Vine ( I bought this purse from them.
One of our favorite activities to do in Hawaii is snorkeling and Hanauma Bay has to be one of the best spots. We love seeing all the tropical fishes there, it's like swimming in a fish tank.
Whenever I go vacation, I take images to cut. I love to cut! So, before I leave, I make sure to print out and stamp images, so that during any down time (airplane ride for example) I can just cut. Well, it looks from the picture, that I had lots of down time, but I just did a little bit every morning...anyhow, this is everything that I cut from this trip. This is going to make a lot of projects!
And on a last note, I'm going to hold another workshop at my house on Saturday, Aug. 20th. The theme is "Shrink Plastic". Thanks to Tricia and Deb for suggesting the theme. If you're interested, let me know! I'll post more info soon.


  1. Welcome home! Loved seeing all the pics of Hawaii - such a beautiful state! I'm amazed at all the cutting you did - I'm sure it's just the beginning of some terrific, creative art!

  2. Hi Connie.
    I attended Lisa Super's camping craft weekend and heard that you were having a shrink plastic class coming soon. Is there still room available?