Friday, July 22, 2011

Cameras Are Not Water Proof

Okay, most cameras are not water proof. Yep, I brought my daughter's camera into the water park, against her wishes, so I could take some pictures of the fun rides there. I didn't want to bring mine in because it's larger than hers. I guaranteed her it would be fine - NOT. 
I kept the camera in a plastic bag...
Inside a "water proof" container...
but somehow it still got wet and now her camera doesn't work.
Luckily the memory chip still works, so I was able to get the pictures off.
We love the water park on Oahu. It's so warm here, that when you get splashed - it feels great and the water on the rides is not cold.  We buy a season pass and go the water park a couple times each visit. It's a must do activity if you go to Oahu...just don't bring your camera!


  1. OH MY that looks like soososososo much fun~~ Actually maybe even a little scarey.....Those slides are huge~~~~
    You took every precaution for your daughters camera it is a shame it stopped working!
    Thanx for sharing

    Laura H

  2. Wow! I could never go down those slides...that looks way too scary! But I love those clear inner tubes...very COOL! It doesn't detract from the blueness of the water.

  3. not to worry rachel! the results are so awesome and priceless..the rush you must be having roaring down the tubes..the colorfulness of the surrounding...paradise...



  4. If I saw that big red water slide, I wouldn't go on it either Fran. Glad you salvaged the chip and share your photos - looks like a blast.