Friday, March 23, 2012

Published in Somerset Life & French General Is Here

We did sisters (I have five of them - no brothers) and I all got our work published together!
In the Spring Issue of Somerset Life my sisters and I have an article in there showing the mini-books we made for each other. On my last birthday, I mentioned to my sisters that all I wanted for my bday was for them to make me a mini-book. Well, they all went above and beyond; therefore, I felt I just had to share them with Stampington & Co. The article features all the mini-books my sisters made, as well as the mini-book thank you notes I made for them.

Below is the mini-book my sister Lana made. Full of ephemeral arranged so magically.
Then my sister, Diana made four mini books attached to a necklace with mini safety pins. Each one opens and are all so uniquely designed.
The mini-books shown above on the right side are the thank you notes I sent my sisters. I used a tiny frame for the cover. I used a size 3 font and printed the thank you note on a small long strip of paper and accoridian-folded the strip for the pages.
Below, on the top half are the mini books my sister, Maryl made. I love her covers with the vintage locket and doll faces are so sweet. The bottom half is the mini-book my sister, Frances made. She pasted small black and white photos of each sister on every the black and white theme.
Above, on the right side is the mini-book my sister, Pat made. She recently got into water color and hand painted each page of the mini-book. Each page is like a miniature precious is that! Wow, this article is so special to me...I love sharing the creative passion that my sisters have and I'm so thankful to have their support and friendship - they're the best!

So, while at Scrapbook Territory - picking up copies of the magazines for me and my sisters, of course, I had to shop around. I walked the entire store and only picked up a couple of items. Then on the way to the counter I looked at the tables where they stage the new items just received and boy, was I thrilled...French General is here! French General is a store in LA (I've never been to)...but they also have a great web site ( where I've found many treasures. Well French General has teamed up with Jolee and has a whole line of goodies out.
Here's what I picked up...
Can't wait to open up the packages and start playing with these!


  1. The article came out great & love seeing all our precious mini book necklaces beautifully displayed in Somerset. Connie, thx for submitting our special gifts to you & most of all for pushing us to create beyond our truly inspire us all. F

  2. Sharing your Birthday celebration with your sisters and their sweet handmade gifts was a great read in the magazine...Thank you for submitting!
    And so glad you shared the French General goodies...Went on line directly and got a few things! I would not have even known about it if not for you! Thank you Connie........ With gas so high $3.50 shipping was worth it...(Directly from Jolee) if you cant make the ride too Scrapbook!
    Laura H

  3. Congrats on being published again. Love your mini books. Keep those creative juices flowing!

  4. Congratulations to all of you! What a true treasure and blessing to have all such talented sisters! Can't wait to get a copy!