Wednesday, March 28, 2012

China Head Tin Doll

I love vintage china doll heads, especially when you add them to other vintage items to create a unique doll, as I've done here.
It all started when I found this miniature vintage Desitin tin at craft depot for under $2.
I knew right away it was going to be a doll body. I took doll legs from an old doll and made arms from polymer clay.
I had some rusted wire, which I used to form a pleated skirt.
My favorite part is the faux wind-up key in the back. I put her on an old block letter tile and attached a vintage dog to her wrist (with flower & button accent). The crown is made from vintage text and some washi tape. She measures about 5" high.


  1. i love this. so unique. yes, the key on the back is a great addition. love the pleated rusted netting for the skirt and the china doll head. how did you find such a cut talc like tin. too awesome. submit this one too..xoxo lana cano kloch

  2. Such creatures are just excellent when presented to someone, especially kids. They are always a big fond of such stuff, and if they are prepared by mummy herself, the value just multiplies. Nice to have your blog here, now I feel myself able to get something comparable prepared for myself as well…

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  3. Connie ~ She is really adorable! You should make more and sell them!

  4. Connie
    I see you are practicing your calligraphy!looking great!!!
    Love your wind up doll!!!!!!!
    See you Sunday at Nili's class!!!!!
    Laura H

  5. Connie:
    So cute!! I love seeing friends creations! Cuz I love creating! It's nice to know there are kindred spirits out there!
    Diana G

  6. This is fabulous! Great creative use of the Desitin tin with the china doll head. The key adds a bit of whimsy to it which I love. I bet you had lots of fun putting this together. This gives me inspiration to make one too.