Sunday, April 29, 2012

Daughter's Bday Weekend

My daughter had her 14th B-day party this weekend, so she decided to wear this special necklace we made.
She made a polymer clay birthday cake and then cut a piece out of it. I used my new power drill (woohoo) and drilled some holes to insert eye pins and attach it to a chain.

She decided she wanted to take her girl friends to San Francisco Japantown for lunch and shopping!
We ate at Mifume. The popular dish of the day was the Teriyaki Chicken Ramen...7 of the 9 girls ordered it!
For dessert we had crepes and ice was a beautiful day in the city!
One of the best parts of the day was when the girls took a group photo in a oversized Japanese photobooth.
After the machine takes your pictures, you get to embellish your photos with assorted digital images. How adorable the photos came out!
Then the girls were off and shopping. :-)

This weekend, I also had a calligraphy class, "Introduction to the Pointed Pen", at Castle in the Air. The instructor was Bill Kemp.
Did you notice that small potato at each station? The potato is a cool trick to clean your nib, if it's been sitting with ink.
Below is a sampling of my writing. What a fun class! I'm signed up for another class next week, Spencerian Upper Case letters. I love the ivory ink on black paper!
I also went to an estate sale by my house this weekend and picked up some fun items at great prices.
See that mini trophy? I've been searching for them lately...the women checking me out gave it to me free. I think they'll make fun holders for odds and ends. That pair of glass ash trays will be a holder/water bath for my calligraphy pen. Ashtrays are perfect for holding your pen because of the groove on the edge of the dish. Love that pink talcum powder tin...perfect for a doll body. That large silver bowl was a steal at $5. I picked up a pair of mini salt and pepper shakers and then I'm always picking up vintage rhinestone pieces.

This was one of those weekends where it seemed like I needed a vacation for my vacation!


  1. what a memorable birthday celebration for rachel. from the wonderful invitations with the attached balloons to meeting and travelling to san francisco for a fun day in japantown with some of her friends . having the fabulous crepe w/ ice cream and the photobooth pictures with everyone in it is too cool.

    your calligraphy is so beautiful. exploring the many types of calligraphy takes commitment. a trait you own. agree w/ the ivory on black..

    glad you got to the estate sale...great repurposing of the items you found.

    thanks for the great post. lana cano kloch

  2. Happy Birthday to Rachel! I can't believe she is 14!! Looks like she had a very nice birthday celebration. So fun to catch up with what you are doing via your blog! I'm off to Kauai this Thursday....half of which will be by's a first! Talk to you when I'm back....