Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break - College Tours

We spent this past week touring colleges in Southern California for my son, Christopher, whose's a junior in High School. First, we stopped at San Luis Obispo to visit Cal Poly. We stayed in the lovely Apple Farm Inn.
It has a bed and breakfast type atmosphere. Our room was an Americana theme, very cute.
When we arrived at the guided tour for Cal Poly, we were surprised at the number of people also attending.
There must have been over 1,500 people in that auditorium. Luckily, we split into smaller groups for the campus tours. The school is very nice.
Next, we went to UC Irvine. This college turned out to be one of our favorites.
UC Irvine has this beautiful park in the middle of the campus.
It's in a great location and the college is recognized for its engineering son is thinking of majoring in Computer Science. 
The next day we drove to UC San Diego.
The campus felt like being in the middle of a park...eucalyptus trees everywhere.
 The building above is the main library.
Check out this house on top one of their buildings. It was just erected a year ago to symbolize the change in life from home to college.
The final stop was Occidental...President Obama went to undergraduate school here.
Also, a very nice college, but much smaller.
The guide told us that the average class size is 16 people and sometimes you can even have a class of one.
It was a fun week in LA touring colleges and being together as a family. It's sad to imagine my son leaving home. Before we left, we had to use up some bananas and found a great recipe for banana upside down was delicious! I'll post the recipe this weekend.


  1. Good luck on your college hunt for Christopher. I'm sure it's a very exciting, but challenging time. The banana upside-down cake looks scrumptious!

  2. We also toured a few schools last week. We went to UCLA and then stopped in to visit USC and my son. We know kids at each of the schools you went to visit and all are very happy at their chosen schools. I hope you plan to also visit UC Davis, Nate and Kaitlyn have several friends there that just love it and it is close to Tahoe too.