Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Jewelry Workshop & More

Yesterday, I taught my first workshop on jewelry making...the focus was creating a found object necklace - as well as learning some basic jewelry making techniques.
The necklaces above were all created by the students...they're all beautiful! I love how they're so unique and I'm sure they'll receive many compliments.
Above is a picture of the calm before the storm. If you look at each person's workstation, I collaged the cover of a jewelry box for each one of them. I actually used those large numbers I bought the other weekend.
It was a wonderful group of friends & family..I love being with them all and creating.
 I didn't have to do much, as these girls were quick and caught on fast.

What a fun day it was...thanks for everyone's support!

This week is my daughter's birthday. She came up with making hand-delivered bday invitations. So, in the car are balloons and bags with the invitations attached.

Inside the bag, Rachel made hand painted rocks. We were looking for something to weigh down the bag. I suggested oranges, she suggested rocks...but not just plain painted with faces, designs and words. She used a glue pen and pink glitter - how adorable are they :-).

Rachel also made her own bday cake - a little larger than the size of a dime.

This week I started working on Laura Robberts' wooden dolls. I first saw it on Jackie Peters' blog and fell in love with them. I'll share them with you later this week.


  1. Looks like a great class & all the necklaces came out beautiful. Love Rachel's party invitation & painted rocks...very original. F

  2. compliments to you on staging such a nice class.. it is always a pleasure to find the beautiful kits and other surprises. it looks as if you had just enough students not to be too overwhelmed! love the mixed media necklaces that everyone did.

    happy birthday to rachel: what wonderfully novel invitations. i love the balloon idea. bet the feed back from the gals was positive. you and rachel make a great team. love to you both... lana kloch

  3. Class was wonderful! Thank you Connie for being so organized, and patient in your teaching :) Everyone's piece turned out different, and all were beautiful..... I so Love the boxes you did for us to put our finished piece in..They are lovely.....Rachel's blueberry crumble was delicious...Thanx for cutting us all a piece too enjoy~~~~
    Looking forward to the next class~~~~~
    Laura H

  4. Connie ~ What a fun class! I loved how our necklaces turned out - they're all beautiful!

    Rachel ~ Happy Birthday! I love the pink balloons!