Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Weekend of Workshops!

This Saturday, I taught a molding workshop in my home. The students brought great items to mold and we all had a great time!
My two favorite products to make molds are: Amazing Mold Putty and Oomoo 30 - each one is good at molding different items.
We also made castings from our different molds, using Sculpey polymer clay.
Here are some of the finished molds and castings the students made.
Created by Debrina and her daughter Emily
Created by Kathie
Created by Valerie
Created by Ruby
Sorry, I didn't get a picture of Lana's items.

During the same time, my daughter, Rachel had a workshop with Valerie's daughter, Nina, on polymer clay charms.
The girls made some adorable items below!

On Sunday, I attended a fabulous workshop taught by Nily, held at Gina's store, Tangerine, in Dublin ( Gina has a great store full of some handmade items and other assorted goodies you can't find at most places! Nily creates these adorable bird heads...they have so much character.
I purchased these precious bird heads from Nily...just love them!

Today's workshop was about making a shadow box. Here's some of the samples that Nily made.
Nily's adorable place settings & personalized name tags for each of us adorned our workspace.
Below are pictures of the workshop in progress...
And here are some of the finished projects...
Below is the one I made...
What a fun workshop we had today! Nily was so organized, generous and helpful. I'll leave you with more of Nily's adorable work!


  1. the class was wonderful. everything laid out so beautifully by nily. such preparation. we are going to be spoiled.

    love her "heads"...thanks for sharing what the other classmates did..they all looked great, especially yours.

    lana cano kloch

  2. The heads are so cute! I saw them in the same issue of Somerset Life that you were in!

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