Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holiday Workshop with Anna Corba

This past Saturday, we spent a wonderful day at Anna Corba's home in Santa Rosa. A bunch of us signed up for her all-day Holiday workshop. It was also a celebration for our friend, Ruby's birthday. Below are the sample projects we are making:
Anna has a beautiful studio with lots of vignettes...
 It's the perfect space for creating.
 She has lovely pieces and beautiful supplies to inspire your creative spirit.
 Below is a picture of Anna giving us some of her trade secrets.
A few pictures of us at work...
The day also included a beautiful and delicious lunch in her home.
Below are shots of our finished projects...
Ruby's creations
Fran's creations
Maryl's creations
Lois's creations
My creations - front
and back
Sorry Pat, I missed shooting your finished projects. (>_<) - If you send them to me, I'll update my post .

It was a wonderful day, the home was beautiful, the teacher was so creative & organized, the was food delicious, the company was fun & inspiring to be with - a perfect day!


  1. Connie!
    Awesome class! I love Anna Corba's classes! Looks like everyone had a great day! Happy Birthday to Ruby!
    xoxox, diana g

  2. Hi Connie,
    It was great to meet you and your sisters and to share this really fun day. You all made such wonderful creations and I had a nice time making your aquaintance at lunch (we sat next to each other).
    All my best and may we meet and create together again someday.

  3. wow what a fantastic day! I do wish I was closer... you and your sisters are too cute!
    congrats on your book article I loved it! thanks for the shout out too!

  4. thanks for posting about your day @ anna corba's! especially enjoy seeing what you all created. what an exciting adventure.

    lana kloch