Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Alameda Pt Flea Market

What a perfect day it was for going to Alameda Pt Flea Market today. It was so warm, who would have thought it was November.
I went with my sister Lana. Pictured below is her in the morning, just getting warmed up...see, her cart is pretty empty.
These guys below just came back from France and had lots of great items.
I was on the hunt for yard sticks again. Yes, I found 5 in just one booth!
Another picture of my sister, with another great find - white cabinet.
I then found this old LP shelf...which makes for a great holder of 12"x12" scrapbook paper.
We ran into my sister Maryl and her husband Rocky. Love that pink Santa. They sure filled up their basket.
Last picture of Lana...she filled up her basket and then some. We found many great finds! We also ran into so many friends today: Shawn, Lisa, Niley & Laura.
Below are my findings for the day...
Pictured at the top of this photo is a white ruffled apron - I only captured the bottom portion. On the left is a vintage long skirt.
Here's a close up of some small rusted metal pieces that will be great for embellishments.
Close up shot of my two-tiered long fun this will be to wear.
Love my new scrapbook paper holder - what a deal for only $15!
 Pictured below is my collection of yard sticks. I picked up 8 of them just today.
I think I need another 10 more to have enough to make this picture...which is my goal!

I also did a quick trip to Joann's and picked up new embellishments from Basic Grey called Fact & Fiction. They're bright colors - something fun to use.
I also went to Japan Town this weekend and picked up some adorable stationary paper from Mai Do...
 This will make great background paper for some paper dolls.
 Each package was $8.95 and it comes with 16 envelopes, 32 pieces of stationary paper and 4 stickers!
Hope you had a great weekend, too!


  1. Lovely running into you & Lana today...What a beautiful day it was......
    Can't wait too see you ruler picture..Your almost there
    Have an awesome week
    Laura H :)
    P.S. Love your Catherine Moore Calendar again this year...Wish they would print it too sell :)
    You all do awesome pages!

  2. thank you for an awesome day.. heading down now (6:30 am) to unload the car...steve is asleep.. ssshhuuzz... lana cano kloch

  3. Shoppers Paradise! Good to see you two having fun! xox Diana G

  4. Oh Connie what a totally fun day and so happy for all of you.
    I dream of having sister's like you, how lucky you are !!!!
    I just love visiting your blog, so artfully interesting. I am also seeing you published "go girlfriend" published awesome happy dance moment" enjoy so magical.Thrilled for you,it is your year ..
    HAVE A GREAT DAY. Hugs Laura.xoxx
    Can't wait to see what is next, oh love your CC swap tags too. Look really fabulous..Big Hello to Lana from me..Best wishes.

  5. connie, I am so jealous over those yardsticks!! Although I can not wait to see them framed all together. It is going to look great.

  6. WOW, that picture is my goal too, however you are way ahead of me, i have only about 5 sticks. sigh, you and i are looking in the same places ha ha ha, if you have any left over, let me know, and I will buy them from you.
    Debbie Addie