Friday, November 9, 2012

My New 2013 Calendar & Craft Totes

This week I was at a small gift shop in San Francisco and found these adorable Cavallani 2013 pocket calendars.
I bought the one below with the bird on it. They measure just 4" x 6". Of course I couldn't just leave it as I added a bit of embellishment/doodle - just to add my own touch.
Below is a picture of the back inside cover (opened up)...I love the collage work already in it.
I just added a few items, back of doll head, black/white label, black and white strip and round dictionary circle. I think I'm also going to apply some beeswax to the cover. I can't wait to start using this new calendar!

At the same gift shop, I also picked up some shea butter lotion - just loved the packaging...
It smells wonderful ;-).

Tomorrow, the girls and I are heading up to Anna Corba's house in Santa Rosa for a Holiday Adornments workshop. I've really been looking forward to it, and I've got my supplies already packed. I went to Target this afternoon and found this adorable small cosmetic bag - in my favorite colors too! 
It measures about 8"x6"x6", and I just love it!
It actually works perfect for carrying craft tools and such. I also found this smaller flat case I couldn't pass up.
So, don't forget to look in the Health and Beauty section for great craft bags.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I like how you embellished the calendar - so sweet. And I love the packaging of the Tokyo Milk Shea Butter ...I think I'll have to get me some of that. Thanks for all the great tips and ideas!

  2. You are so very clever~~~~ Take pics at Anna Corbas please!!! Doesn't she have all kinds of animals??? Love too see pic of everything...Have FUN
    Laura H :)

  3. Love all the touches to the calendar book - so cute!! Thanks for sharing your other purchases. Great ideas for gifts. You have a great eye!