Sunday, June 9, 2013

Altered Doll Workshop

This weekend I taught an Altered Doll Workshop at my house. We created dolls from Tim Holtz plastic fragments, domino pieces and miniature furniture.
We had a great time creating together. I love that most of my sisters joined in as well...they're so creative and fun to be with.
Here are some close up pictures of everyone's creations. My sister Diana had to leave early, so she created just two pieces. Love her crushed tissue skirt.
Below is a picture of my sister Maryl's creations. She's always the first one to finish. Her projects are adorable, I love the touch of her vintage flower she added. The doll on the left is made from a miniature furniture bed.
My good friend, Lois created the cute dolls below. She has such a good eye to know when an embellishment is just right!
I also love the dolls my good friend Ruby made below. I love the attitude of doll on the right with her leg just slightly bent - too cute!
My sister Frances made the dolls below. The doll in the middle is made from a miniature sink turned upside down - my favorite! Love the lace and wings on the domino doll as well.
And last but not least, my sister Lana created this whimsical necklace from one of Tim Holtz fragments. She started a few other dolls, but this one she finished and it's oh so cute!
One new addition from my sister, Diana. She went home and took some supplies to make the miniature furniture doll, since she didn't have time to stay and create another one. I just have to share with you what she came up with from a miniature cabinet, so creative - love it!
I have another post class altered doll to share. Ruby also took some supplies to make one of the envelop dolls at home and it came out so adorable...below is a picture of what she created.

What a fun day we had creating together. Sorry, our good friend Laura was sick and wasn't able to make it and our other good friend Nily had to attend her daughter's ballet recital - we missed you both!

Have a great week!


  1. Connie - As always you're so organized and so patient. So wonderful to have so many choices of dolls to make. Great company and a fun day. R

  2. Thanks, Connie! You provided nice examples from which everyone could design their own creations...I love how they all came out!

  3. Connie
    Oh these all turned out wonderful! I so missed not being there and so hope we can re schedule a Art Play Date in August....I will send you a private message...As always your design options are FAB and the girls took it and ran beautifully ~~~ So happy to see the photos of a FUN and creative DAY!
    Laura H

  4. I want just one day with you! please... love, love these little dolls!

  5. connie...thx for another fun craft class & fabulous lunch. Love my new dolls & appreciate all the great supplies & extra help whenever needed. Your creative talent is endless and your samples give us inspiration. Many thx, F

  6. Thx for another wonderful workshop. I loved making my dolls with all the supplies you provided and getting together with the girls is always fun! I also learned some new techniques from you. Lunch and dessert were perfect!

  7. Connie,
    Oh it's looks like so much fun!! I really miss you! Hopefully I can come to your next class...please keep me in the loop.
    xox Diana G.

  8. Dee & Ruby - nice job on your dolls! Super cute!

  9. Too cute for words Ruby - love your envelope doll!

  10. Dee, your furniture doll is fabulous. Thanks to Connie
    for her inspiration. R

  11. Super Awesome Workshop !!! I love all the wonderful art doll creations,so unique. What a great experience for all.The art dolls were so fabulous and cool.Thanks for Sharing Brilliant Connie.xo