Sunday, June 23, 2013

How To A Make Money Lei

My sister and I decided to take on the project of making a money lei for my son's high school graduation.

I knew what I wanted it to look like, but finding the right leaves with a long narrow shape wasn't easy. His school colors are purple and white.
Here's how we made it. We started by taking leaves off of an artificial long flower vine.
Then we shaped the leaves into a long narrow shape by cutting them with scissors. 
Then we made about 20 origami leaves from one dollar bills. Here's a good site that gives details on how to make the leaf:
Next, we strung the green leaves together with some green yarn.
Here's the lei with just leaves....
In between the long narrow leaves, we filled in with some other leaves with different shapes to make it fuller. Next we tied some purple flowers around the lei using narrow purple and white ribbon.
Finally we tied on the origami shaped dollar bills. Here's my son with his lei on...
 Nowadays, most kids have some sort of lei on during the graduation ceremony, so I was happy we made one for him and I love how it came out. This is now the second money lei we've's the post to the first one we made for our niece's son:

Hope you decide to make one too for someone special!


  1. Thanks for showing us your step by step process on making the lei. It turned out beautifully. The purple flowers with the white and purple ribbon looks nice.

  2. love how you make this lei,but only one request.would kind make a video of how you put them together on you tube.