Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reasons To Celebrate

Some exciting news to share today! I received my complementary issue of Somerset Life for having my washi tape box published.
I'm always so thrilled to see any of my projects in a magazine. What a fun project this was covering a shadow box with different types of tissue tape, and then filling the compartments with special trinkets.
To see more details of this box, see my post here: http://artfulplay.blogspot.com/2013/01/washi-tape-shadow-box.html. Also, my friend, Connie Freedman was also published for her Jewelry Box project in the same issue - congrats!
My sister, Diana, was inspired from the washi tape box and just created the box below - it's awesome, just love it!

Next, I'm so proud of my 15 year old daughter, Rachel. She has just reached 40,000 subscribers on her own YouTube channel with over 100 videos: KawaiiSweetWorld...Woo-hoo!!! 
She features baking and crafting videos, and started the channel  just a few years ago. It's just grown so rapidly - it's amazing! 

Rachel also performed this past weekend in a dance show doing a total of 6 tap, hip-hop, and jazz numbers. These were her costumes:
I loved her outfits - it was fun performance to watch and I'm so proud of her too!

Thanks to Stampington and my daughter's creativity and hard work - just reasons to be happy!


  1. OMG congrats Connie!!!!! You are sooooo deserving!
    And Rachael that is FAB! I will have to check her out....Ask her to give us some tips on our Canon cameras...us old folks are having a hard time :)
    Best to you both I think it is WONDERFUL!!!
    Laura H :)

  2. Connie - Congratulations on getting published once again! Dee - nice job on your washi embellished shadow box. Rachel - Congrats on your YouTube Channel - you're a pretty amazing 15 yr old! Love your costumes, too!

  3. Fantastic news being published again... but not surprising because you come up with so many unique and beautiful things that it inspires others to want to create. Rachel, you are so amazing and talented....you look adorable in your costumes. What an accomplishment with so many followers on Youtube.
    What a dynamic duo you two make!

  4. wow! so much to celebrate! i just watched your daughters video on the fourth of july cake! i loved it!! congrats to her as well as your son in graduating! and to you! very nive article!!