Sunday, February 23, 2014

Brush Script Doll and More...

I've been busy making dolls all week. After taking the on-line class from Danita last week, I was hooked! Below is a picture of one that combines my two latest passions: brush script and dolls! I think this one is my favorite - I've tried to incorporate my style into my creations...
I'm envisioning making a series of these dolls with different inspirational sayings and customized hair and eye colors. The picture below shows a family of three sisters together - two younger sisters, one each side. :-)
Inspired from a Danita doll I saw on-line
Loving black and white clothes lately
Then tonight I finished this one...
I decided to change things up and make her with pink hair and add a crown. I love the letter type dress, which I made from a dish towel I bought at Sur La Table. I think my signature dolls will have the long black and white striped arms and legs. Each time I make a new doll, I'm picking up a technique that works for me and it's evolving into my own creation and style that reflects me. ;-)

My daughter, Rachel, also got into making some characters...
The grey doll is a Japanese anime character named Totoro and the other is just an adorable frog. We had so much fun making these dolls together...we were up until midnight sewing and painting several nights. We bought more fabric and stuffing today so we can continue to make more doll next week! Maybe I'll make some to sell and open up my Etsy site again...we'll see?

Have a great week!


  1. OMG...two cute for words...hard to decide which one I like best! Rachel did a fabulous job too with her super sweet animals. Like mother like two are a winning team... F

  2. love how you are evolving your own twist on these dolls. the sayings and the stripped arms and legs are adorable and meaningful. love the family you created. hope you continue to make more and yes, put them on etsy.
    lana cano kloch

  3. Just adorable! You and Rachel are quite a team!

  4. These are so cute. I love how you displayed your dolls. Their outfits are perfect - they each have the "Connie" signature look. You must submit this in for publication for all to see before putting them on etsy.

  5. Oh I love your dolls! Inspires me to get back into making dolls. So many little time !