Saturday, February 8, 2014

Upcoming Soldering Frame Workshop

Recently, I received some miniature wooden frames from the online mixed media store Red Lead. Using the mini frames, I made the following projects...
Some of the frames were soldered to give them an aged look...
...and were painted and distressed. Afterwards, I turned the frames into mini books, doll bodies, necklaces, and mini pictures to hang. 

Below is a picture of what one of the wooden frames looked like before I altered it. Thank you Red Lead for the frames and letting me be one of your guest artists!

Next month, I'll be offering a workshop on how to make these projects. In the class, you will be able to make a soldered frame, a painted distressed frame, and one more of your choosing. I'll provide the soldering equipment, paint, vintage images and chains. I hope you'll join me in creating these fun mini frame projects! The class will be held at my sister's home in Oakland , California on March 22nd from 1-5pm. The cost is $45. Email me to sign up or to get more info - space is limited to 8.

On another note, the Valentine cards from my giveaway will go to everyone who left a comment! Yippee! :-) If I don't have your mailing address already, please email it to me and let me know if you would like a Valentine card or one of my brush script inspiration cards. Thank you for the quotes!


  1. Connie I love all of these!!! You are my hero!! Everything you create is so inspirational and so MY TASTE!!!!!!! So excited to receive a Valentine :) Doing Happy Dance.........I think you have my address?? I am interested in class but will email you......xo Laura H

  2. Talented Connie, Oh you are such a sweetheart, I love your Valentines, thank you.I am so excited !! Oh my goodness all your new work just takes my breathe away, so fabulous!!!! I am giggling the above comment from Laura H as is two of us oh no..hahahaha...So much fun.Thanks for sharing and your artful talent never stops amazing me.Hugs Laura H that Haviland. lol... xoxoxoxo