Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Heart Day!

I'm still practicing my brush script and searching for the right equipment that feels right for me. I've been collecting bamboo brushes and trying different inks.
I love my new little brush rack. For these types of brushes it's best to hang them upside down so the brush tips don't get ruined. 
I've also been trying different paints/inks. In the on-line class I'm taking from Kai Barteski she loves to use gouache paint, however it comes in a very small tube and isn't cheap. I found for just practicing, this Sumi ink you can find in the Japanese dollar stores works just great too. 

I'm also starting Danita's doll workshop. I was so inspired by Jackie Peter's work that I had to sign up for the class too Check out Danita's blog post: And check out Jackie's dolls...just adorable! Below is a picture of the start of my doll.
I can't even imagine how this is going to turn out...we'll see. Danita is great teacher and I have been enjoying her step by step videos.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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