Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Made A Danita Doll!

This weekend I signed up for Danita's on-line doll class and made this doll...
my first time making a soft sculptured doll! Thanks to Jackie Peters for inspiring me with her adorable creations. There's a lot of work that goes into making this doll, but I found it really fun and can't wait to make another one! This was a very basic version with just painted hair...I'll have to try using some yarn for the hair next time.
Below are a few pictures of the work in progress...

I can also share some of the projects I made for RedLead using their adorable wooden hats and oversize postcards...
Hope you had a nice weekend!


  1. oh connie, your doll is so adorable. glad you signed up for danita's class. love your new finished projects for red lead too.

    i love their web site and store. will have to make a special visit to their store and take some of their classes some day.

    lana cano kloch

  2. Wow, both projects came out great! F

  3. Adorable doll...great job painting her. Love her whole outfit, down to the buttons on her mary janes. Your redlead postcard creations are super cute.

  4. Connie....anything you can't do?????? LOVE her!!!
    Laura H :)

  5. You did an amazing job on your first doll Connie! Good work and I love the way you did the bodice and arms.......they are really fun to make but do take some time . Oh well .....thanks for sharing!

  6. All your projects are so creative - real talent. I'm with you, love my stuffed dog who lives in a Nordstrom shopping bag.

    Mary D.

  7. Connie I love that you are always trying new art projects. You are a true inspiration for all of your blog fans. Shannon