Friday, April 2, 2010

Getting Ready For Easter

I made these two little easter eggs last night for my nephew's two little kids (Lennon and Owen). The project was inspired by Julie Collings - she posts cute projects every Thursday. The blue material is some felted wool from a old sweater. I was going to buy one of those easter baskets at the store (all pre-packaged and ready to go), but I decided to make them something instead and just tuck some money in the pocket.
This week, I did a little more work on my embroidery's coming along - but the piece is so large, it's taking a lot to fill it all up.


  1. Very nice Easter eggs and your embroidery is very lovely!

  2. Connie what are your plans for your sampler when it's done? It's so pretty. Just wondered if you were going to make it into a tote, a pillow, or something I've not even thought of {probably that knowing you!}.

  3. I dunno what to do yet with the sampler - I'm still trying to figure that out too. But it seems like I've got awhile to figure that out since I've got so much to fill in still. I might somehow incorporate it into a table runner on my craft table - so I can look at it often...dunno yet.