Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's Easter at Maryl & Rocky's House

Rachel and I started off the morning baking sugar cookies. I bought this new Easter cookie kit from Williams Sonoma. The shapes and patterns that came with kit are really cute. A lot of work but fun at the same time.

Then we were off to Maryl & Rocky's house for the Easter party. The food was great, almost all the family members made it, we played games and did some crafts - it was perfect. Sorry, not pictured was Natalie & Joanne.

This is the newest member of our family - Owen Sato - just 4 months old.

Our host's: Rocky & Maryl

It was also Jason's birthday today.

Christopher & Steve playing ping pong before it started raining.

The results of making the Easter kit from Julie Collings - they turned out great.

Then more fun art, making assorted tags.

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  1. Connie, thanks for all your hard work making the Easter cookies...they turned out beautifully! I also loved making the adorable Easter baskets and making the tags for the key chain much fun!