Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rachel's At It Again

The kids are off this week and Rachel is busy crafting day and night. This is what she's made so far. The first is an ipod case she made for Lana - if you know Lana, she goes to Starbucks at least once a day, so this is perfect for her.
Then she made 7 more ipod cases - she's on a roll. I love the pac man and etch-a-sketch ones. Then she made a mini lion (From the book "Felties" by Nelly Paillioux), cake (From "The Softies Kit" by Therese Laskey), a fried egg and a pink game boy controller and it's only Wednesday!
Here's Rachel's collection of felties she's made in the past. She just re-arranged them all tonight. It's filling up the whole fireplace.

Tomorrow we're headed to Tahoe for more skiing. Should be great weather and they just got some fresh snow recently. Good spring skiing, my favorite. We're going with another family - should be fun!

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  1. Rachel has been a very busy girl...I love all her creations...especially the Etch-A-Sketch! Have a great time in Tahoe! Be sure to wear sunscreen!