Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Activities...

Have you ever watched that show, "Minute To Win It"? It's when the contestants have one minute to complete a task and you get money for completing each task successfully. It's pretty fun to watch and it makes you want to try them at home. One of the tasks was to stack up 3 golf balls and let it stand for 3 seconds. I went and bought some old golf balls and we all tried it. Christopher was the only successful person to get it. It's still standing 'cause we don't want to move it!
Today, Lana and I went shopping on Lakeshore after we dropped off Rachel at ballet class. I found this great jewelry holder at Juniper Tree. It's perfect for displaying some of my altered jewelry pieces.

I also decided to put out this vintage jewelry case I bought about a year ago to display some vintage jewelry pieces.
Then tonight we dyed our Easter eggs. I was trying this method I saw in Martha Stewart magazine (using sticker and then removing them and dying them again), but we weren't very successful. It was still fun though.

Tonight, Rachel made a journal out of a Life ceral box and paper - it's so cute. She's really into green art lately.


  1. LOVE the project vignette pics!

  2. Wow! I love the jewelry holder...looks like a Jolie it? The pic on Rachel's journal is so adorable. Like mother, like daughter!