Friday, May 14, 2010

Altered Calendar

The other night my sister Lana stopped by after dinner. I sometimes encourage her to make something when she's over. This week, we altered an old calendar I got from We used some small boxes and painted them to make little windows. The art work on the calendar makes for a great background and you can hardly tell this was even a calendar. Lana did the pink/green one and mine was the yellow/aqua color one. Lana didn't finish hers, but I still think it turned out great just as is. CGS likes to use these types of boxes in her work - which is where we got our inspiration.


  1. Wow! Nice work! Love your creativity and inspiration...I wish I could come up with creative ideas such as this!

  2. great work! now mount it on a board and hang/lean against wall or attach ribbon and hang or maybe attach to front of gigantic greeting card...I sure wouldn't mind receiving one...F