Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday Cards & Rachel's Ipod Cases

This weekend I'll be celebrating 3 b-days (mother-in-law, niece and best friend). I started making the b-day cards during the week so I wouldn't have to wait until last minute to try and rush to put them together. Here's two of them. I love using the Catherine Moore stamps - thanks to CGS for introducing us to them - they're so much fun to use.

Then this week, Rachel started a new business - custom ipod cases. She currently has orders for 7 of them from her friends at school. She's selling them from $5-10 - depending on the complexity. She's saving up to buy an e-reader. Her friends even made up an order form for her, so they can customize the color, image, text, etc.

Here's the one she made for her friend Megan who wanted a chocolate chip cookie.
This is what our craft table looked like tonight...yikes!


  1. Pretty cards Connie. Have fun with all of your celebrations this weekend!

  2. Connie - I loVe the birthday cards! Way cOOl! Rachel - Too bad I don't have an ipod; otherwise, I'd order an ipod case. Wish you lots of success in your new business...and I love the order form...tOO cuTe!