Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally Made Another Necklace

Yesterday I got a chance to go to the Addison Paper sale. I picked up the round rhinestone piece on the left side and the watch face on the right side. I've been picking up jewelry parts for awhile now, with the intent of making more necklaces. Finally, this weekend I brought out all my goodies and started to put this necklace together. Some of the items on the necklace are pins, earrings, stamped material, beads and chains. Fun piece to wear.

Rachel also made a couple things this weekend. A pencil bag and a donut - so cute. She's getting good at putting in zippers.


  1. Connie - LOVE ur necklace! Rachel - nice job on the pencil bag (especially the zipper) and donut...very CUTE!

  2. Necklace is great but like a black bow out of netting better than the white one & reminds me of the one you have with just brown bows...jmo. Rachel, you're getting super good with the faces & can't wait for you to expand/decorate your little zipper bags. F

  3. F- you're quite the creative critic...ycmu. M