Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sample Sale Weekend

About 4 times a years, my company, Williams Sonoma Inc, puts on a sample sale. Williams Sonoma Inc. is the parent company for Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids & Teen and West Elm. I love to volunteer to work the sample sale so that I have the advantage of pre-shopping before everyone else.
So this is what it looked like at 9am Saturday - before we opened the door. 400+ people waiting to get into the warehouse. Pretty busy huh? Rows and rows of merchandise - priced super low. All types of merchandise: cookware, furniture, accessories, linens, books, etc. This sample sale was for employees only. Sometimes we do open it to guests and host it at the cow palace, but I don't think they're going to do that anymore. It's too crazy and costs too much.

One of the items I went to look for this time was a new bed for Christopher. He's been sleeping in a partial bunk bed for awhile and I wanted to replace it for a grown up style bed. This was supposed to be part of his bday gift. His bday is Monday and he's turning 15 - OMG - where did the time fly?

This is Chris's old bed, as we were taking it apart on Saturday. Brian and Kacia will be taking it and using it for their kids now. We actually moved it to their house today and helped them assemble it.

Ta-da! This is his new bed that I bought at the sample sale. was not an easy assembly. We spent many hours (with Fran's help too) trying to assemble the bed. We were up past 1am on Saturday trying to put it together. We were going to give up and throw the bed away, when we finally decided to take some drastic measures and cut some of the prongs that hook the bed together. It worked!

Here it is:

So, here's some of the items I scored from the sample sale for myself. I got me an oversize pair of scissors - just like Lisa and CGS. I loved the frame with horizontal wires - great for displaying some artful play.

I got this "vintage" type shelf too.

Tomorrow, Chris turns 15 - can't believe it. We didn't get to celebrate his bday today as we hoped to - since we were so busy with furniture I'll have to make it up to him.

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  1. THAT is one grown-up bed...nice! Love the frame with the wires and nice score on the vintage-style shelf! What a deal!