Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chris's Bday & Mother's Day

Christopher's 15th Bday was Monday. It's so hard to believe how my little boy is growing up so fast. His favorite cake is a coffee cake from Panera Bread - it's really yummy.

For dinner we went to Christopher's favorite place, Kirala's in Berkeley. Lana and Steve joined us too. Ernie and I have been going to this place for probably 20 years - it's the best Japanese restaurant we know.

Mother's day started with a delicious breakfast at Mama's Royal Cafe. This cute sock monkey is framed on the wall above the kitchen door.

What's a breakfast celebration without Mimosas.

After breakfast, I got to shop at JCrew. You can always find something cute to pick up there.
After shopping the kids made desserts, Banana Bread & Apricot Nut Squares (my favorite).
The desserts turned out great...they were a big hit at dinner.
Dinner was with Ernie's family at Shan Dong. It's like Northern Mandarin cuisine. This is one our favorite lunch spots during the week when I'm working from home.

Sunday night TV - couple of our favorite shows: Amazing Race (finale) and Celebrity Apprentice. Great ending to a perfect day!


  1. Great pics...Happy Mother's Day! Too bad it comes only once a year...F

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Christopher and Happy Mother's Day, Connie! It sounds like you had a great day! I haven't been to J Crew yet and I really need to check it out...I love the top you bought!

  3. Wonderful connie and Co....
    You guys celebrate in the best way!
    See you soon...finally have a Kit for you! :]