Saturday, January 15, 2011

Alice In Wonderland Play Date

Today, we celebrated my sister, Frances, bday by having an Alice In Wonderland play date. We wanted to make the kit from Lisa Guerin. It was a great day of crafting & eating .

Maryl's Finished Project

My Mini Diorama
My Alice Tags

Pat's Finished Project

Our Alice Projects All Together
Thanks for hosting the playdate at your house Frances - it was lots of fun! 

p.s. Diana, we have a kit saved for you.


  1. That was quick! I had a really nice time and enjoyed working on the Alice project...I think they all came out great!

  2. Thx everyone for a fabulous bd celebration! The lunch was spectacular & the Alice kit was fun to work on. This theme has a special meaning since my enormous doll collection began w/a very special handmade Alice doll). Thx Lisa for putting together such a wonderful kit w/detailed instructions & generously supplying great material. I truly have the best sisters ever! Ruby, it wouldn't have been the same w/o you and super glad u came! F

  3. You SiSteRs R amazing!!
    Love what you did w/ the kits!!
    Sorry to miss out on the fun...
    Thanks for giving us a peek!
    Lisa G

  4. Love all your Alice Kits. Each one has its own unique style and whimsy. Love the teacup/saucer on the table - nice touch. Connie, cute idea of the falling watch, bottle, teapot, etc. Fabulous job everyone! Sorry I missed doing this project with you.