Friday, January 21, 2011

Playing with Tissue Tape & Friday Artful Play

I've been exploring more with my Japanese washi tape, it's been so much fun to use.  I took some of my glassine bags and stamped them and added my washi tape.  A quick fun project.

Not related to tape, but I also sewed up these little paper bag pockets with lace and fabric.  An idea I got from Roben-Marie Smith.  Just little gifts for the girls coming over today: my sisters Lana & Maryl and my art sister CGS.
After eating and shopping we headed to Lana's house to look around at her latest findings and also to do some creating.

Maryl's Creations - Nice work!
My Tags (with Washi tape)

Lana's Project - peek a boo

CGS's Project - Lovely!


  1. Fun Day with the Art Sisters! Creating, eating and, shopping! Thanks to both Connie's for your inspiration and Lana for allowing us into your beautiful home!

  2. Wow, you guys are getting too good. Lana, love the peak a boo look, Maryl, beautiful composition, and CGS, so unique! Connie, love the washi tape detail on the tags. It really has a nice effect. Looks like I missed another great day of creating. Thanks for posting all of your projects!

  3. Love your creativity! Your girls are having way too much fun!!