Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Got A Minute?

Well, you probably need about 15 minutes, but I have a couple of quick projects to share...check um out.

Connie Stuart turned me onto these $2 journals at Michael's. The pages of these journals are the kraft paper that I adore. I was excited to get them. The cover was decorated already with a cute image, but I decided to embellish them further.  I added a new face on the girl, some collage elements and transparency. See my before and after.  It's a great deal for $2.

Left: original - Right: mine
The other day, I was looking through the latest issue of Cloth, Paper & Scissors and found this great idea - an altered bill fold.  They used a plain manila folder and folded it. They embellished it with paper and sewing.  I couldn’t wait to try this!.  I had discovered some "kraft" folders at my craft depot – so this was going to be perfect project.  I’m going to make one for each month and store my receipts in there.
Step 1. Fold in each side in half, lengthwise.
Step 2. Fold up the bottom 3".
Step3. Cover with paper and sew down edges to form pockets. Use strong tape (e.g. 7 Gypsies gaffer tape) to hold binding.

Hope you give them a try.


  1. Great idea to embellish a cheap journal and make it into something fantastic! I also love what you did with the kraft journal and turned it into a receipt holder. I've also seen it where they use old cereal boxes and do the same's so ingenious and so handy!

  2. Wow! What a great idea, and it looks like it would be fun to make!
    Great idea using cereal boxes as well. It's nice to create something that's also useful. Thanks for sharing.