Thursday, December 15, 2011

BookBook for iPhone

Okay, so you could say this is a product endorsement, but I just have to share my latest find that is too cool!
It's called a BookBook by twelve south. It's an iPhone case that looks like a vintage book. It's made from real leather and has this nice worn look.
It feels so soft and luxurious, and looks like one of my mini vintage books.
And when I'm holding my iPhone (to play Sudoku), it kinda looks like i'm reading a book...ha!
Is that too cute or what? Thanks to my sisters, Frances, for helping me to get the bookbook from ebay at a great price and Lana for giving us your iphone hand me downs.


  1. That's hilarious! If I had an iPhone, I might be tempted to get one!

  2. thanks for looks wonderful..lana k

  3. You might want to send that case back. It looks like you got yourself a fake there. Compare the binding of your case with a real one. You'll notice differences in the pattern/fading.