Sunday, December 11, 2011

Xmas Girls Getting Ready & Kawaii Nail Art

These are my girls for my Christmas cards. They're not ready to go out yet, I still have some accessories to add, but I thought I'd just share a sneak peek.

My daughter, Rachel, has recently been into creating detailed nail designs. Here's a couple designs she's done. The first one is sushi themed...
The one below is Totoro themed. Totoro is a famous Japanese character from the movie, "My Neighborhood Totoro". Every time she's doing something with her hand, it makes her smile. Cute huh?
Below is an image of Totoro.


  1. Very cute China dolls...I can't wait to see what your Xmas card looks like! Love the Totoro nail drawings...that's one of my favorite anime characters.

  2. omg; you handmade so many dolls for your personalized xmas cards. you sure are giving it a lot of thought and care.. can't wait to receive it and post it.

    rachel's 2 sets of nails are so beautiful. she is a true artist of miniatures and such detailed work. kudos to you both.


  3. Love your girls and your daughter's nails!

  4. Vintage Christmas dolls are looking good. Rachel, that's crazy cool! You are just too talented.