Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Handmade

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I know we did. It's great to see family & friends ,enjoy yummy food, play games, open gifts and also get some crafting in. I wanted to share some holiday handmade projects.
Made by: Connie, Frances & Pat
My sister, Frances hosted a wonderful Christmas gathering. At the end of a great dinner I brought out the paper, glue & scissors. The craft project of the evening was to make calendar dolls. I had bought these mini calendars from the flea market for just ten cents each.
 We spread out the supplies over the table and we were all cutting and gluing.
We first made paper dolls and then attached the mini calendar to the doll.
Made by: Barbara & Lana
As you may have noticed, we primarily used Catherine Moore stamps - she has such a great variety of doll images to use.
Made by: Maryl
I brought Christmas paper, in case we were going to make Christmas dolls, but it turned out to be a hybrid the Christmas dolls turned into Christmas calendars.
Made by: Star
Made by: Kacia
I also wanted to share some beautiful hand made cards/projects I received this season...
Made by: Lois
Made by: Tiffany
Made by: Ruby
Made by: Pat
Made by: Laura
Don't you love these? They're all wonderful and creative! Last, is my Christmas card for this year, "Peace on Earth".

Next week, I'll start sharing with you a project my sister Lana and I are involved with, a Catherine Moore calendar swap. Stay tuned.

Happy Holidays!


  1. What a great Christmas Day you all had - great food, great company and a great crafting project. The handmade cards are fantastic. Thanks for sharing the cards you received. They're all beautiful and unique. Great photos!

  2. Happy New Year, and your card was so darling. Thank you so much,......Can not wait to take another class from you soon.....
    Debbie Addie

  3. what a great festive gathering! thanks for posting the finished crafting projects. they are all wonderful.

    also thanks for posting the handmade cards. wow. you know some incredible artists..outstanding is pat and ruby...zowie..


  4. Thx everyone but especially Connie for making Xmas a success (decorations, food, games, crafts supplies, cleaning, pics). Many thx also for my beautiful new calendar!! F

  5. Connie ~ Thank you for posting so quickly the memorable Xmas celebration we had thanks to Fran & Ron! We had a great time and especially loved working on the 2012 calendars!

  6. Fabulous Connie,I love every art doll !! xoxx

  7. Love the calendar dolls! What a treat to share creative time with your sister.

    Chris C