Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Paper Dolls & More...

I've been buying some of the recent Christmas paper pads & embellishments at Michael's knowing that I was going to make some Christmas paper dolls.
Well, tonight was the night. This is what my table looked like during the process...but it wasn't all me, my sister Pat and Lana were over too.
For my paper dolls, I used a variety of  stamps from Catherine Moore ( and stamped her girls on a bunch of different Christmas papers. I mixed and matched doll parts with embellishments and came up with these...
She reminds me of the Green Hulk's wife
Opps, left off her shoes
Now that's a funky dress
My poinsettia girl
Bringing holiday goodies to you
Like her stocking?
This afternoon, my sisters Pat and Lana came over for an artful playdate. Pat was showing me how to make the watch face ornament below. It's hard to see, but there's a glass dome over the ornament.
I found a box of  watch faces at East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse long it was perfect for this project. This one measures about 4" tall.


  1. Love your Xmas paper dolls & my favorite is the one holding the dollhouse...thx for sharing! F

  2. Paper Doll Heaven!!!
    I love all of them!

    Too much fun!
    Merry Christmas
    Laura H

  3. these are so much fun and very are able to capture the whimsy using catherine moore's stamps and the festiveness of the holidays. it was fun playing with you. xoxo lana k